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"Somewhere inside every woman is a deep knowing, even if it is barely conscious, that giving birth is a multi-layered rite of passage. Many women realize it only after they give birth, in private moments when they reflect on what happened to them and within them. It is then they secretly wish that they had been prepared differently -- that in some way they had honored the event that would completely change their mind, body and soul. This wish often turns to grief and then is gradually forgotten as caring for the baby consumes their life."

"Whether they realize it or not, everyone --- parents, babies and birth professionals -- is feeling the wounding impact of the ritual of childbirth preparation having been reduced to medical orientation... we desperately need new direction."

- Pam England, CNM,MA

"Rachel was FANTASTIC!  Not only did she provide valuable information at her birthing classes, but she was wonderful at our birth.  Her positive attitude and warmth made everything easier.  This was our first child, so I was very nervous.  Rachel was able to read me and respond to my needs without me saying anything.  She helped keep me motivated and positive, especially when labor progressed.  After our successful home birth, our child was hospitalized for a couple of weeks.  Rachel assisted in getting us to the hospital and even came to visit us there.  She is very loving to her clients and the babies - you can feel her good energy.  Helping others with their pregnancy and birth is a way of life for her, not just a job.  I would recommend her to anyone.  We were extremely grateful to have had her involved in our pregnancy and birth and would like to have her for future children."   - Rebecca D.

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