"My first daughter was not found to be breech until my water broke and I was already at the hospital so my doctor told me the protocol was a csection. With my first pregnancy I took all the standard hospital classes and had learned about everything in nursing school so I thought I was prepared. Boy was I wrong. They do not teach you what is normal just what interventions can be done.

   So with this, when I became pregnant with my second I read and researched about natural birth and join ICAN (cesarean support group) to ensure myself to have a VBAC. This is where I learned about doulas and their vital role in pregnancy and delivery. I had several wonderful recommendations for Rachel as a doula. Being a nurse myself I also really appreciated that she was on track to become a midwife. When I first met her I knew she was very knowledgable! I put my deposit down right away because I did not want to lose my spot!

    Rachel was always checking in on me during my pregnancy. Which was wonderful but I needed her most for labor and delivery and she exceeded my expectations!

   I called her at midnight after about an hour of contractions which I was in denial at that point. She kept me calm and asked me questions to get a feel for what was going on. She advised I rest and call my husband who was hunting. She continued to check on me and called and talked to my husband and determined I was 2 minutes apart to go to the hospital. Even though she lived 45 minutes away it seemed like she had been there the whole time.

In the delivery room she responded to what my husband and I needed. She was a quiet calming reminder on the side of the room for me and that is what I needed. She was hands on when needed and stood back when appropriate as well.

My husband was very skeptical and does not like people he doesn't know well in his "business." Rachel was very attuned to this and handled him well!

After only 7.5 hours of labor I delivered a healthy baby boy VBAC with no medication with the wonderful help from Rachel!

I cannot stress enough how much she helped with my VBAC! She knows her stuff and is great with people and tailors herself to meet your individual needs! She will be missed during my next pregnancy now that she lives in Alaska. The state is certainly lucky to have her!"

Ashley Z. Successful VBAC mama

"I had a wonderful experience with Rachel Pugh as my Doula. She met with me throughout my pregnancy and the birth class she taught was informative and helped me feel as prepared as I could be. She has a vibrant personality, positive attitude, loves to laugh, and is true professional.

While I was in labor, she responded to my needs quickly when I voiced them, and anticipated others I didn't know I had. She encouraged my husband to recognize and request what I needed from the staff at the hospital, helped keep me relaxed during the contractions, and urged me to change positions at a perfect time in my labor which made me want to push during the very next contraction. With her experience with so many natural births, I never felt anxious or worried and I really believe having her in my corner contributed to my quick progress at the hospital. After the birth, Rachel was there to help with my breastfeeding questions as well. I would work with Rachel again in a heartbeat and would recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula. I can’t imagine finding anyone with better qualifications, more experience, and more passion for supporting mothers than Rachel!"

- Cindy S. 


"My experience with Rachel as a teacher and my Doula was amazing! We took her birth class as well as hired her as our Doula. I can honestly say it was THE BEST thing we did for our birth experience. I had a very long labor, and Rachel was there the entire time. She never showed any weariness. She knew tons of techniques and positions to help with the pain, and of course made sure I kept hydrated and had enough food to keep up my energy. She was always very positive and supportive. She really kept me going; even when things didn't go as planned, I knew I was safe with her there. I felt like she really got to know me prior to my labor, and knew what to suggest that I would most likely want. I felt Rachel really was an advocate for me. She was willing to suggest things to the other members of my birth team to help move things along or give me some relief of pain. I knew I was in very capable hands when Rachel was there. Nothing was more comforting than that. This truly is Rachel's calling, and it is very clear in everything she does! Rachel's compassion and love for her clients is amazing! I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I was that Rachel was involved in my son's birth."

 - Nikky F. 


"We love Rachel!!!! What more can I say but that she was exactly the one I needed.

Prior to my birth, she was supportive in such a kind, non-judgmental way. I am a nurse, and found it hard to listen to my inner voice, and knowing that I could and would have a perfectly problem free baby, labor, delivery and postpartum period. I found my medical knowledge led me to listen to all the doctors tell me I would probably have a big/ too big baby and have risks for complications. Rachel listened.... without judgment, or without making me feel totally neurotic. She helped me to believe that letting it all happen naturally was best. Although she never pushed her beliefs on us... she was simply supportive. Rachel has a way of making you feel that everything is going to be O.K. Rachel also offered resource information so I could feel more empowered prior to birth. She encouraged me when I needed and was there for me every time I needed her.

During the birth, she knew techniques to distract me when needed, how to utilize touch, massage, and counter pressure to make me more comfortable, along with helping my husband know how to help me too. He was much more involved and helpful during this birthing experience as compared to our first. He also agreed she was the best choice for us, and had commented that it was the best money ever spent. We did not have a Doula for our first son’s birth and I got an epidural, which I really didn't want. My husband said he would have felt more comfortable if she were there for it. There is no question that I could have had natural childbirth with him had I had Rachel at my side through it all.

 For those of you who want to achieve natural childbirth, Rachel will not let you down. She is living her calling as a caregiver by using her gifts every day. Rachel is professional, kind, loving, supportive, and reliable! Her life is devoted to her family, her belief in natural childbirth, breastfeeding support and to the children she cares for....... She's the best! I'm happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for support for their childbirth experience!"

-Christine RN, (and mommy to 2 beautiful boys)

"Rachel was an excellent doula! My husband and I would have been lost without her. Not to mention, I'm sure we would have had an unnecessary C-section because of the length of my labor.  Rachel helped me through my 42 hour labor by using natural methods that I would have never been able to do on my own or with my husband. She met with us before and after the delivery. She not only coached me but she coached my husband on what to do too.  As soon as I thought we had tried everything, she would have something else to try.  If we have another child, I will have Rachel as our doula again. 

Being a first time mother, Rachel guided us through a very successful labor and delivery of our baby girl. She educated us on our choices and provided us with information that my doctor didn't such as diet, medications, laboring methods and positions, what to expect, and discussed our birthing plan. She was always available to help and answer any questions even after our baby was born.  For example, our baby girl was nursing perfectly and then all of a sudden was throwing a fit about nursing on the right side. Rachel suggested the chiropractor and sure enough, after we went, our baby girl instantly nursed on the right side again with no problem."

-Allison Norman

"I don't know what I would've done without Rachel!! From the beginning I felt Rachel's goal was to find out what my expectations were and what I wanted in the labor process. I wanted someone who would help keep me focused and remind me why I wanted to go naturally. Rachel was that and more! When I was in labor and things weren't progressing the way I wanted them to, Rachel was there to give me options that I didn't know I had. While in labor, she was so in tune with me. She knew what I needed before I needed it, she was there assisting me with positions and guiding my husband what to do next. She was there on one of the most important days and she helped me accomplish my dream of doing a natural birth. She encouraged me and most importantly, she believed I could do it!    I am so thankful I found her. I couldn't have done it without her!!!"

- Sarah Pluskota-Deutsch

"My husband and I recall time and time again how lucky and blessed we were to have found Rachel and have her as our Doula through the pregnancy and birth of our son.  As a first time mother wanting a natural labor and birth, I was terrified of the idea that I wouldn't be able to do it.  Rachel gave me the reassurance, confidence and the knowledge I needed to prepare me for labor and the guidance I needed to let my body do its thing during delivery.  Her presence in the delivery room gave us a sense of calm and allowed us to feel that we were in control.  I believe that it is because of her encouragement and techniques to move the labor along that I was able to have the quick and rewarding birth I had always dreamed of and hoped for.  If we had to go back we wouldn’t have done it any other way.  We highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a Doula.  She has the knowledge, dedication, empowerment, friendliness and expertise that every woman deserves to have by her side through pregnancy and on that big day."

-Sarah and Shane, Kiel

"It's been 5 months since the birth of our healthy, happy boy and I’m just now writing my testimony for Rachel's doula services.  Is it because her role in our delivery wasn’t noteworthy? Absolutely not!  She was so instrumental (in our non-instrumental delivery!) that I haven’t found the words to express our gratitude…

We met with Rachel to discuss what it is that a doula provides. From that first cup of coffee, I felt connected and comfortable. She shared many of the same views as far as what birth should look/feel like. She also brought questions to our minds that we hadn’t thought about before. By offering information, research, and suggestions, she put the power of our birth experience in our hands.

Rachel stuck by us through our 40+ hour labor, focusing her attention and energy on bringing our baby into the world. After one physical exam, the doctor mentioned that Baby was a little “catty-whompus." Rachel suggested alternative pushing methods which we tried.

Six hours in to my active labor, the doctor said I had one final push to get Baby out before using a vacuum and there were whispers of a possible C-section. Through my physical and mental exhaustion, I could hear hope in the cheers of my birth team: my husband & Rachel. They hollered along with me during that final, life-changing push which led to the first cries of our baby boy, Darrien.

Rachel’s stamina, patience, knowledge, and kindness got us through some of the toughest, yet important days of our lives. She understands what a woman in labor needs (FOOD, foot rubs, essential oils, showers...) and isn’t afraid to push you beyond your comfort zone if that’s what’s needed. Coming from someone who wasn’t sure that we needed a doula, I couldn’t have pictured our birth without her. 

She is a wonderful woman, a fantastic friend, and a dynamite doula!!"

-Laura Spencer

"I first hired Rachel over three years ago to attend the birth of our first child. My husband was deployed after we had just moved to Appleton WI and I didn't have any family close enough to attend the birth in case my husband wasn't home on leave. Well, my husband didn't make it state side in time to see our son being born but Rachel was there for me. She even drove me to the hospital and I had a wonderful natural labor, from then on I knew I would never give birth without her. Twenty months later she attended the birth of our second child and in a few months she will attend the birth of our third child. My husband loves that Rachel takes some of the pressure off of him and he felt totally comfortable asking Rachel anything. Rachel is a wealth of knowledge on all things natural, from birthing to daily living. She can recommend reading, websites, local chiropractors for mothers and babies, has childbirth classes, has knowledge on all the natural birthing friendly  hospitals in the area, and is an amazing help with tandem breastfeeding and breastfeeding in general ... She does it all, even placenta encapsulation which I am taking advantage of this time around. In the three and a half years since meeting Rachel I know that I can always ask Rachel advise on anything and she is always willing to help, even when I am not pregnant. Your not just hiring a Doula when hiring Rachel, but you are getting an amazing friend."

-Laura H.

Love, Love, LOVE Rachel! We recently had our fourth baby with Rachel there to help us achieve a natural delivery after three cesareans. Rachel is very knowledgeable about natural birth and her passion to keep birth pure is very evident. Rachel was there for us during my pregnancy to answer questions or just rave about natural child birth and get me pumped up for the big day! She helped prepare me for labor and delivery with numerous resources. When the time came, Rachel was so calm and collected and knew just how to help me stay comfortable through labor. She was great at keeping me up and moving even though I did not always feel the same way, she pushed me to do my best. There are no words to express my gratitude to Rachel for her support!

LIsa S. Successful VBA3C mama